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The Original


SodaSparkle Home Drinks Makers turn plain tap water into refreshing sparkling water in seconds!

Includes the machine, 5 x CO2 Soda Chargers, 1L Bottle

The Original Highlights:

  • Our Original Home Soda Maker
  • Fun and so easy to use.
  • Small and Compact design - portable and convenient to store.
  • Fully recyclable and disposable CO2 chargers - no need to refill the chargers!
  • Use for sparkling water or make alcoholic and non-alcoholic cocktails
  • Perfect for parties, picnics and outdoor dining as well as at home.
  • Make healthier soda drinks
  • Environmentally friendly (reduce your use of plastic)

This starter kit includes everything you need to start making sparkling water at home. Easy to use, simply fill the included water jugs with tap water, insert the CO2 charger into the machine, turn the top and watch - within seconds - your flat tap water turn into refreshing bubbly soda water.

You're sure to be the life of the party at the next gathering or picnic with the compact and portable SodaSparkle soft drinks maker. Because the soda chargers are disposable, the machine can easily be taken with you. The chargers are easy to store and transport fitting into cooler bags and backpacks.

Always be ready and have a store of chargers handy and at your reach. Since the chargers do not need to be refilled, simply purchase a 24 charger pack (sold separately) which can make up to 24L of sparkling drinks!

The SodaSparkle is an environmentally-friendly, convenient and cost effective alternative to bottled water and soft drinks that you buy at the shop. You use our water bottle to sparkle your water over and over again, so dramatically cut down on plastic bottles. Our disposable and recyclable CO2 chargers are more energy efficient than buying bottle drinks. They also ensure trips to the grocery store are more convenient eliminating heavy bottles to carry home. And each bottle of soda water is, on average, half the price you'd pay at the supermarket making it a great treat for the family and your wallet! Good for you, good for the environment!

SodaSparkle - Simply Sparkling!


Package Contents:

  • The Original SodaSparkle Soda Maker Machine
  • 1 x 1L Bottle
  • 5 x CO2 Soda Chargers
  • User guide

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