24 CO2 Soda Chargers


Always have a store of CO2 SodaSparkle soda chargers on hand with this SodaSparkle CO2 24-pack. These chargers are for use with The SodaSparkle Original machine and The SodaSparkle Eco machine

Because the CO2 chargers are disposable, they do not need to be recharged only recycled once they've been used. 

  • Pack of 24 SodaSparkle CO2 chargers for Original and Eco machines
  • Makes up to 24L of bubbly sparkling water!
  • Disposable chargers - they do not need to be refilled
  • Each charger is recyclable
  • Contains cca 8g of CO2 under pressure
  • Store in a cool dry place (max 50°C/122°F)
  • Keep out of the sun
  • This product should only be used with the SodaSparkle Soda Maker, for food consumption only

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